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Case Studies

Stories of Success

ATS Homekraft, a renowned real estate company, approached us with a pressing issue they were facing in finding high-quality solid teak engineer doors for their projects. They had specific requirements to meet BSI and ISI standards and needed customized products that fit within their budget while adhering to the highest quality.


1.Struggling with previous suppliers who failed to deliver quality products

2.Loss of time, money, and goodwill due to substandard doors

3.Inability to meet client demands for customized doors with a superior finish


Our team at JET collaborated with the quality and design experts at ATS Homekraft to find the perfect solution for their door requirements. Our joint research and development process took approximately 35-40 days, during which we experimented with over 10-12 door designs.

Through extensive technical research, we arrived at a final decision for design and quality that not only met their stringent standards but also fell within their allocated budget. We delivered the best quality doors at competitive prices without any delays, ensuring a seamless experience for ATS Homekraft.


Impressed with our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ATS Homekraft awarded us an order for over 800 units of doors to be manufactured and installed in their residential projects. Our successful collaboration has reinforced their trust in our expertise and proven our ability to overcome challenges in delivering exceptional wood products.

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Case Study 01: 

Transforming ATS Homekraft's Door Challenges into Success

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